Hope Into Action

Hope Into Action

We run a franchise of Hope into Action UK

Click here to go to our page on the Hope into Action UK website – where you will find out how Hope into Action works with local churches to give homes to those who find themselves homeless

We have three Hope into Action homes in Ipswich and are in the process of opening a home in Bury St Edmunds

So far we have accommodated 16 tenants in our Ipswich Hope into Action homes.

  • 4 tenants are currently living in our Hope into Action homes
  • 6 of our tenants were able to use their Hope into Action home (which comes with support from Selig staff and volunteers from a partner church) to secure employment. Their employment enabled them to move out and live independently in rented accommodation.
  • 2 tenants chose to move out within weeks of moving in because their circumstances changed
  • 2 tenants moved on from our home to alternative supported accommodation in order to better meet their needs
  • 2 tenants were evicted (but are both still in touch with us and are both securely housed)